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Attention to Detail

Replacing your roof is one of the easiest ways to dramatically improve the look and value of your home. Did you know that most roof replacements are completed in only 1 day? Let D&D Siding and Roofing Specialists Inc. come out and show you the wide variety of materials, styles and colors there are to choose from, and provide you with a free no hassle evaluation and estimate today. Just looking to have your roof repaired? We can do that too.

Some things to consider when thinking of replacing your roof:

Age. If your roof is over 15 years old it may be time to start thinking about replacement. Many older shingles had only 15 or 20 year manufacturers' warranties which means that the actual useful life is much shorter, especially on the sunny side of the house.

Condition. Does your roof exhibit any of the following problems? If so, it may be time to consider replacement:

  • Worn, torn, cracked, pitted, or missing shingles.

  • Curled, warped or lifted shingles

  • Wavy, bowed, damaged or rotted plywood sheathing.

  • Leaks into the attic or living space. 

Environment. Where you live plays a big role in what type of roof you should consider for your home. Factors such as winds, average humidity and temperature, and seasonal changes in your region should all be considered. D&D Siding and Roofing Specialists will always recommend the best products and materials for your individual needs.

Ventilation. Poor ventilation is the single most contributing factor to the degradation of your roof other than exposure to the environment. A properly ventilated roof will last years longer. D&D can evaluate your roofs ventilation system and if necessary, recommend easy, cost effective ways to improve it.

Your Contractor. In order for you to realize all of the benefits and the full life span of your new roof, it must be installed properly by experienced technicians. All of D&D Siding and Roofing Specialists expert technicians are experienced in the installation and repair of all types of roofing materials including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, slate tiles, rubber, standing seam metal, and other specialty roofing products.

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