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Expert Service

Insurance Restoration 

Filing an insurance claim for damage to your home from a storm or other disaster does not have to be a daunting stressful prospect. Here at D&D we specialize in working with you and your insurance company to make the process of insurance claims restoration simple, quick, and stress free.

"Call D&D First"

When you experience damage to your home, or think you may have, call D&D first. We will inspect your home to determine the type and extent of the damage, and recommend whether or not to file a claim with your insurance company.

If you do file a claim, or already have, call D&D with the claim number. We will then contact the adjuster as your representative and arrange to meet him or her at your home to get the claims restoration process started. It is always best to have your contractor meet with the insurance adjuster; this assures them that you are serious about having the work done quickly and professionally, and allows us to point out all of the incurred damage.

Once an agreement has been reached, and while you are waiting for your initial payment from the insurance company, we will work with you to choose materials for the project and get you scheduled.

When your project is completed to your satisfaction, D&D will provide your insurance company with a certificate of completion as well as any other documentation they may require so they can then release your final payment to you.

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