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“Thanks to D&D; Inc. our home now looks like it should. We started our siding installation with a so called "handyman" who just wasn't up to the task...The crew at D&D; stepped in and finished our siding replacement without a hitch.”

Vince M.
Chantilly, VA

Should You Consider Insulated Vinyl Siding at Your Chantilly, VA Home?

We know people are looking for ways to improve their home energy performance. At D&D, we recommend insulated siding. This siding, vinyl with rigid foam backing that is permanently attached, is recognized by building energy codes and efficiency programs as "continuous insulation," or insulation installed on the exterior of your home that reduces energy loss that occurs through framing or other building materials.

According to the Vinyl Siding Institute, certified insulated siding must demonstrate a minimum thermal resistance, or R-value, of at least R-2.0 (insulated siding R-values range from R-2.0 to R-3.0). To ensure energy efficiency and the tested, confirmed ability to withstand wind, weather, and impact, insulated siding can be independently certified to meet or exceed industry standard for performance.

The first field tests on insulated siding occurred in the early 1990s in southern states in the United States. Improvements were developed through changes in the design and manufacturing processes. The first commercial product providing increased performance and durability, arrived in 1997, with warranties that typically last a lifetime and can be transferred to the next owner of your property.

At D&D, we've installed siding in Chantilly, VA for over 30 years. We can install your Insulated siding without disturbing the interior or exterior surfaces of your home, insulating areas that are traditionally difficult to insulate, and delivering superior insulation properties for your home.

Contact the professionals at D&D for more information about how to reduce your energy bills and protect your home with insulated siding in Chantilly, VA.


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