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Exterior Siding - Vinyl, Fiber Cement, Aluminum, and More for Herndon, VA Homeowners

Thursday, August 28th, 2014

Investing in new siding can be a daunting challenge to many Herndon, VA homeowners. At D&D, we’ve worked with every type of exterior siding for Herndon, VA clients for over 25 years. Before you even pick up your phone, we recommend you look at some of the basic facts and information about the four common types of exterior siding Herndon, VA homeowners want to consider in their overall home improvement and energy management plan.

Here is a basic look at the major types of exterior siding with commonly associated advantages.

Vinyl (PVC) Siding

Vinyl siding is completely waterproof and resistant to damage from insects, wind, mold and impact. Competitive priced, it is the preferred choice of homeowners, builders and home improvement contractors. As a matter of fact, vinyl siding makes up nearly one-third of all of the exterior siding installed in Herndon, VA today.

Natural Wood Siding

Natural wood siding is still the gold standard of exterior cladding materials.  Known to last for up to 30 years with proper care, wood is renewable, organic, cost-effective, more durable than many vinyl products, and holds up well against cracking and breaking.

Brick and Stone

With beautiful, durable results and minimal maintenance, brick, natural stone veneers, and today’s high-quality man-made siding alternatives you truly have unlimited siding, trim, and finish options. With typically higher installation costs, these siding products give incomparable durability, timeless beauty and minimal required maintenance.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement siding offers many advantages. Totally resistant to rot, insects and any kind of weather you throw at it, this exterior siding can even withstand corrosive salt water spray near the oceanfront. Most fiber cement siding comes with a 30-year transferable warranty, far beyond the standard terms of other exterior siding products. Fiber cement siding offers the highest return on your investment due to its unparalleled longevity, incomparable durability, low maintenance and incredible eye-popping curb appeal.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is rot proof, waterproof, corrosion-resistant and able to withstand years of exposure to the elements. Lightweight, rust- and fireproof, aluminum siding in Herndon, VA will last from 40 years to the end of the life of your home if simply left alone.

As an experienced, licensed home improvement contractor, the D&D professionals have inspected, repaired, replaced, expertly trimmed and satisfactorily installed all types of exterior siding on Herndon, VA homes and those throughout Northern Virginia. Call us today to get started improving your home protection and energy efficiency with new exterior siding in Herndon, VA.

Vinyl Siding Installations Save Sterling, VA Homeowners Money

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Vinyl siding in Sterling, VA is a smart choice for any homeowner looking to increase their home’s energy efficiency. EPA studies show vinyl siding, when installed properly, can reduce your home energy bills by 30 to 60 percent.

Advances in material sciences have led to improved vinyl siding for Herndon, VA homes that delivers superior energy performance and comfort over other siding alternatives. Vinyl siding is completely waterproof  and resistant to damage from insects, wind, mold and impact.

Vinyl siding in Herndon, VA requires little maintenance. Available at competitive prices, it is the preferred choice of homeowners, builders and home improvement contractors. As a matter of fact, vinyl siding makes up nearly one-third of all of the exterior siding installed in Herndon today.

One of the best ways to tell the difference in the quality of workmanship between siding installation contractors is to examine how they wrap their trim. One of the more popular exterior remodeling projects is called trim cladding. Using a variety of techniques, the master builders at D&D custom-form every piece of vinyl trim to conform to all of the contours of your home exterior.  All the trim you would normally scrape, prime, and paint on your home can be covered, making your vinyl siding in Herndon, VA virtually maintenance free.

If  your home exterior is over 15 years old and ready to be replaced, or you strive to save money every month by improving your home’s energy efficiency, vinyl siding is perfect for your needs. Critical to your long-term energy performance is finding a home improvement contractor with plenty of experience installing vinyl siding for Herndon, VA homeowners. The vinyl siding experts at D&D have installed vinyl siding for thousands of satisfied clients throughout Northern Virginia for over 25 years. Call us today and put our expertise to work installing your vinyl siding in Herndon, VA.

Vinyl Siding in Leeburg, VA - Your Home Makeover

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Vinyl siding in Leesburg, VA is incredibly popular. From builders to contractors and homeowners, more and more people are realizing the amazing value of modern vinyl siding. It is the premier choice of most home builders and home improvement contractors for exterior cladding in the country.

Leesburg, VA homes are increasingly exposed to a wildly unpredictable climate, where extreme conditions are more frequent and storms more intense. Virginia residents with older homes, where siding is weathered or deteriorating, need to consider replacement vinyl siding in Leesburg, VA. Vinyl siding is simply the smart home improvement investment for this and a variety of reasons:

  • Vinyl siding in Leesburg, VA is impervious to water.
  • Improved technology yields incredible strength coupled with low maintenance.
  • Vinyl siding in Leesburg, VA significantly increases your home energy efficiency and lowers monthly utility costs.
  • Vinyl siding is impact and wind-resistant.
  • These products are totally immune to insect damage.
  • The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) recommends a thorough review of local building codes with your home improvement contractor and a visit to manufacturer websites for accurate information on specific product profiles, trims, colors, specifications, and installation data. Leading manufacturers such as CertainTeed, Mastic and Alside outline vinyl siding product specifications and performance data to meet criteria you can apply to your particular homesite and to the climate of your geographic region. Installation techniques can also be very location specific, which is why you need a superior professional installation from the siding experts at D&D.

    For over 25 years D&D has worked with clients, vinyl siding manufacturers and local authorities to select and install vinyl siding in Leesburg, VA that is right for each home. We also walk your project through the permitting and inspection process so your construction plans are approved, permits are pulled, and final inspections completed without you lifting a finger.

    Don’t wait until the next big storm or natural disaster to ensure your Leesburg home is well protected, or to save money every month with increased energy efficiency. Make a solid investment in the security, performance and beauty of your home right now with new vinyl siding. Leesburg, VA homeowners can visit our website or contact D&D now to get started on your home makeover this spring.

    Vinyl Siding in Ashburn, VA - Loaded With Energy Savings and More

    Saturday, February 15th, 2014

    Making an investment in standard vinyl or insulated vinyl siding in Ashburn, VA, can make a world of difference in the comfort, energy efficiency and appearance of your home. Just look around on your daily commute - thousands of homeowners have chosen to renovate the exterior of their homes with energy-smart vinyl siding.

    And why not? It’s the least expensive siding option on the market.  Chances are vinyl siding installation quotes will be close to, if not better than, the cost of having your house professionally painted. Plus, you get all the benefits of vinyl siding in Ashburn, VA.  Depending on the Northern Virginia siding contractor you select, you can also get affordable prices on gutters, window caps, insulation under the siding, and other weather-smart features.

    Estimates for replacement vinyl siding are calculated by the “square”.  A square is 100 square feet of siding (10 feet by 10 feet). You can opt to have your existing siding removed before applying the new vinyl siding in Ashburn, VA, but most renovation projects typically install over the existing siding, saving time and money, and leaving an extra layer of insulating material.

    Replacing your siding is one of the easiest ways to dramatically improve the look and value of your home. Let D&D Siding and Roofing Specialists, Inc.,  show you the wide variety of materials, styles and colors available, and provide you with an evaluation and an affordable estimate for vinyl siding in Ashburn, VA today.  Just looking to have your siding repaired?  We can do that too.

    One of the best ways to tell the difference in the quality of workmanship between vinyl siding contractors is to look at how they wrap their trim. Using a variety of materials and techniques, the master technicians at D&D  custom-form each trim cladding piece to conform to the contours of the original exterior trim, so normally painted wood trim can be completely covered, making the exterior of your home virtually maintenance free. What are you waiting for? Call D&D Siding and Roofing Specialists, Inc. today to get started.

    Looking for Vinyl Siding in Herndon, VA?

    Saturday, November 30th, 2013

    Over the past twenty years advances in technology have catapulted vinyl siding to a new level of success. At D&D we have helped make vinyl siding in Herndon, VA the most commonly installed exterior cladding. Engineered for color, flexibility, finish, impact resistance and strength, vinyl siding is the number one residential exterior siding across the country.

    This Old House recommends you “keep key considerations in mind” when looking at vinyl siding installation:

    • Vinyl siding isn’t for everyone. You have to like the way it looks.
    • All vinyl is not created equally.  Get on the internet and learn how to pick a quality vinyl siding product from reputable manufacturers such as Mastic, Certainteed, Alside and more.

    • Paramount is vetting candidates so you get a quality home improvement contractor such as D&D. Proper installation ensures the integrity of your vinyl siding manufacturer warranty.
    • The Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) recommends a review of  local building codes.
    • Expect your vinyl siding installation contractor to work with local authorities to obtain construction plan approval, pull permits and satisfy final inspection requirements.
    • Siding can leak just like a roof. Do not accept any vinyl siding that is warped, dented, or damaged.
    • Special foam insulation panels can be installed under any new siding.
    • D&D also offers premium pre-insulated vinyl siding.

    It’s nice to know a reputable, local siding installation company such as D&D with the experience and knowledge you need. Visit our website to learn more about what we can do for you, or give a call to get answers to your specific questions about vinyl siding in Herndon, VA.