How Professional Trim-Wrapping Techniques Boost Home Energy Savings

Northern Virginia Siding Replacement Professionals

CedarBoards insulated clapboard siding double 6in arbor blendAnyone familiar with eco-friendly construction will tell you that energy efficiency begins with the “building envelope.” This term refers to the materials and techniques used to create optimal air flow and energy exchange between the interior and exterior of your home. While most people think of their heating, ventilation and air conditioning system when the hear “air flow,” you may be surprised to learn that roofing, doors, windows, and siding play an integral role in maintaining the health and comfort of your home’s interior.

At D&D, we educate homeowners and clients alike about the many benefits of upgrading roofing, windows, and siding in order to take advantage of significant savings resulting from the incredible advances in building science technology. Replacement windows, roof replacement and the installation of quality modern siding are guaranteed to improve your home efficiency while delivering greater protection, health and comfort.  The knowledgeable construction professionals at D&D can help you learn about and achieve many home improvement benefits. We deliver quality, education and outstanding service all while helping you save money and improve your home. Now let’s take a look at how it’s done.

If you’re still relying on low-tech siding, you’re provably tired of the time, expense, and labor of sanding, scraping, caulking, priming, painting or replacing rotten, damaged wooden trim work on the outside of your home. The good news is that a modern technique called trim cladding can release you from the drudgery of exterior trim maintenance, and nobody does it better than D&D.

In fact, one of the best ways to tell the difference in the quality of workmanship between one home improvement contractor and the next is to look at how they wrap their trim. Using a variety of materials and techniques, D&D’s master siding technicians repair and then custom-form each and every trim piece to conform to all of the contours of your original siding. All normally painted wooden trim work on your home can be covered, making it virtually maintenance free and practically impervious to external forces. Imagine… for not much more than the cost of a professional paint job –  no more siding repairs or exterior trim painting, at all. Time and money saved- in just a paragraph.

Coil wrap and wood trim may be less expensive, but when you account for the time, labor, noticeably inferior performance, and extensive moisture damage that occurs with traditional trim products, vinyl and other modern exterior trim materials pay for themselves in no time. With remarkably improved long-term performance and durability, these trim products are well worth the upfront costs.

Once you take into consideration cost, appearance, and durability in your search for a low-maintenance trim solution, wood may be an afterthought given the reliability, durability and long-term maintenance-free performance of modern materials such as vinyl and fiber-cement. If you need your soffits, fascia and corner boards trimmed and wrapped properly, there is no substitute for the skill and experience of a veteran siding installer.

The siding and trim experts at D&D have repaired, replaced, installed and trim-wrapped thousands of homes in Northern Virginia over the past 30 years. We have acquired the knowledge, professional accreditation and reputation that only excellence in siding installation and home improvement construction can earn.

Call today to schedule an appointment for the D&D siding specialists show you the wide variety of materials, trim, finishes and colors available to you, and provide you with a no-hassle estimate. We will ensure your home exterior is properly installed with adequate weatherproofing, while custom-wrapping your exterior trim for the perfectly optimized building envelope. Your siding and trim investment will give you a direct payback in lower monthly energy bills, less wear and tear on your heating, ventilation and cooling equipment, and a beautiful, healthy, comfortable home.

Contact D&D now to schedule window replacements, roof repairs or replacement, siding replacement or the home improvement projects you desire, and take advantage of serious savings to keep your home comfortable, safe and operating at maximum energy efficiency. Don’t forget to check out our specials!

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