Cut Energy Cost by Upgrading Your Home’s Insulation

Vinyl Siding Installation in Leesburg, VA

vinyl siding 4Are you struggling to keep your home cool in the summer heat? Rather than blaming your air conditioning unit for the problem, take a closer look at your home’s insulation. Here at D&D, we always recommend insulated siding. Unlike your standard siding, this siding is made of vinyl with rigid foam backing. Vinyl siding is an acclaimed form of continuous insulation, or insulation on the exterior of your home that minimizes energy loss.

A one-time installation of vinyl siding can reduce yearly energy costs by a large percentage. Vinyl siding is also more durable that typical wood siding, offering your home more rigidity and strength. Available in a broad spectrum of colors, this advanced siding is resistant to significant color changes and is very easy to clean—simply wash with soap and water.

See for yourself why vinyl siding is now the number one exterior cladding choice across America. Contact us today for a free home evaluation and installation estimate.


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